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Tesla: 100 Years Too Early

Did you know wireless power was invented more than a century ago? Nikola Tesla was a man far ahead of his time. What were some of his contributions to our modern everyday lives? Why is he not known for all of his inventions? Join us on this episode of Data Myths as we dive into “The man who invented the 20th century”.

The Rapid Shift to a Remote Digital World

What has changed in business and technology due to the COVID-19 crisis? How can we use technology to evolve our businesses? How are we going to have to change in order to reemerge in a good place?

Talking Trash: The Data and Technology Behind Garbage

What is the future of trash? What do we do with it? How bad are single use plastic bags and are there better alternatives? How does technology and data fit into the trash equation? What are startups doing to alleviate the trash problems and are they being successful?

Raiders of the data archive: Is our legacy safe?

How do we archive digital content? Who decides what’s worth archiving? Where does it live and what is an internet archive? Can people use digital archives as evidence in a court of law? Does anyone know why Facebook hasn’t been archived since 2011?

Don’t Cross the Streams: A Closer Look at Streaming

Are all of these streaming services just channels in disguise? What happens when people pull the plug on cable? Does it really save them money? How has streaming evolved and where will it go next? Why did Brian get throttled by Netflix? What is Malinda excited to watch in 2020? Most importantly, how many people are you sharing your logins with?

CES 2020 Recap: Impossible Pork Strikes Back

What was Brian’s favorite take away from CES 2020? Whatever happened to Lora DiCarlo after CES 2019? Will parallel reality change the future of travel? Is it time to centralize your streaming services or is it time to simplify and go back to cable?

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