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Is Hi-Fi Audio Dead in a Digital World?

Is high fidelity audio dead in our very digitally-centered world? Will convenience win over audio quality? What ever happened to those 50-pound speakers in everyone’s living room? Brian and Malinda dive into the world of audio to discuss its history, where it may be headed, and some of the changes in the industry. Tune in to this week’s episode to find out more.

Romancing the Blockchain: Are We Ready?

How does blockchain technology work? What are the regulations in place today? Who is winning in the battle of bitcoin vs the bank? Join Brian and Malinda as they host Thomas Nägele and Alexis Esneault in a discussion about the different uses of blockchain, what is standing in the way of mass adoption, and what is on the horizon for cryptocurrency.

Capturing Attention in a Busy World: Is it Possible?

We change screens 21 times an hour and see 10,000 brand messages a day. That’s a lot. Our attention is fractured, so how do companies reach their consumers in ways that are meaningful? Join Brian and Malinda as they discuss the challenges of digital and traditional advertising. Learn which companies have an advantage, and why digital advertising is just a small part in a company’s overall communications strategy. Don’t know how to stand out to consumers? Tune in to find out.

Clouds on the Horizon: To Cloud or Not to Cloud

Ever wonder what the cloud really is and how it was formed? Should companies utilize tools like AWS, or keep the cloud in-house? In this episode of Data Myths, Brian and Malinda discuss the history of cloud services and how we got where we are today. Don’t know the difference between a public, private, and hybrid cloud? Tune in to find out.

The Amazon Effect: Love to Hate It, or Hate to Love It?

How big is Amazon really? Does the definition of a traditional monopoly apply to companies like Amazon? This week’s episode dives into Amazon’s presence in a broad range of markets and how it could affect you, the consumer. Tune in as Brian and Malinda discuss everything from antitrust to customer journey.

Welcome to the Age of Assets: Brokers vs. Owners

The days of “solving for access” are gone. Whether it’s a TV show, a vacation rental, or a vehicle, companies must always be improving upon their assets. Once thought to be disruptor brands, Airbnb and Netflix are feeling the heat from more traditional brands like Marriott and Disney that are considered steadfast and trustworthy. How are these proven dependable brands revamping what they have to offer the consumer? Tune in to find out.

A Brief History of the Internet and Website Development: The Good, The Bad, and Everything In Between

Who doesn’t love a little history? This week, Brian and Malinda are treating listeners to a historic overview of the Internet and website design. Ready to reminisce about home row keys and early flash sites? Plug in and get ready—Data Myths is throwing it back.

A Podcast about Podcasts

An entire episode dedicated to podcasts—what they are, what they can do for your business, and why you need to get a plan in place before you publish your first episode. In episode 13, hosts Brian and Malinda share the podcast tricks they’ve learned along the way.

The E-Commerce Equation: To Prime or Not To Prime—That is the Question

What is the state of e-commerce? This week’s episode dives deep into the world of e-commerce—where it’s been, where it’s headed, and what’s next for emerging e-commerce brands. Brian and Malinda discuss the buyer's journey, why people buy, where people buy, and how businesses are changing their online strategy to stay competitive.

The Business of Gaming

Why are big data centers crucial to the gaming industry? What pushed AI, ML, and the GPU to the next level? Gamers - Thank you! Brian and Malinda explore the gaming industry and bring up the challenges game developers face in this market. Who will be the Netflix of gaming?

Shopify vs. Mailchimp - An E-Commerce Data Dispute

Have you heard about the most recent e-commerce breakup? Wondering if you should be team MailChimp or team Shopify? Brian and Malinda share what led to the split and what it means for the future. Learn who will be affected by the severed ties and what they can do to protect themselves in the future.

How to Win at Pitching: A SXSW Recap

Brian and Malinda share key insights on how to talk about your company to your audience and investors. What does it take for your company to get funding? What are VC’s looking for? Find out what needs to be added or removed from your pitch.

The Rise and Fall of Robots

Brian and Malinda host Jon Morgan, product manager at Google, to discuss all things robot-related. Is it enough to create robots with a main purpose of keeping people company or is it just a phase? Today, people are buying services, not robots.

Don't Get Left Behind by The Network Effect

What does the hardware and software future look like? Is IoT sustainable? Brian and Malinda discuss the importance of creating risc processors to help reduce the burden on the network, define internal and external network effect, and what the barrier to entry looks like for platform companies.

Don't Let Curation Kill Discovery

Does curation take over the world and discovery go away? Is there anything online that isn’t touched by curation? Brian and Malinda cover how we consume our news and whether or not discovery is truly dead.

When Does Facebook Lose Our trust?

When is it too late for people to start caring about data breaches? Is it already too late? Brian and Malinda discuss the importance of protecting people's information and making sure that the information which is collected, is anonymous and used to better the user experience.

Augment My Reality Please

How will augmented reality (AR) continue to change the world as we know it today? How will virtual reality fit in? Brian and Malinda explore the world of AR and discuss the positives and negatives of the Fyre Festival, Blippar, Pokémon Go, and digital cloning.

Considering Autonomous Driving Things

Can machines have empathy? Are we ready for true autonomous driving? What happens when our technology fails us, or maybe more importantly, when we fail our technology? Brian and Malinda break down the five levels of autonomous driving and the ramifications it has on society.

I'd Like a PhD With a Side of AI

Where do liberal arts and artificial intelligence intersect? How transparent is AI? Will discovery be dead by 2020? Brian and Malinda discuss the problems that AI solves and the problems AI creates.

All Things CES 2019

What are the big new tech trends kicking off 2019? Will Brian and Malinda quit their jobs and become professional ESports gamers? Breaking down the good, the bad, and the scantily clad at CES 2019. Brian and Malinda recap the brands and trends that left lasting impressions, including the companion tech that rocked the boat.

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