Don't Let Curation Kill Discovery

Does curation take over the world and discovery go away? Is there anything online that isn’t touched by curation? Brian and Malinda cover how we consume our news and whether or not discovery is truly dead.
Summary: Are people considering their content sources, or consuming content blindly? Can users discover content without the influence of curation? Are algorithms making the world less interesting? Brian and Malinda explore the complicated world of curation and debate whether or not discovery is dead. Malinda challenges society to be good stewards and read content outside their comfort zones. Brian grows frustrated on his quest to find discovery tips that aren’t simply algorithms on top of algorithms on top of algorithms. How will companies reach consumers outside their target market without being irrelevant or annoying? Is curation just one big ponzi scheme? Listen now to learn more about the pros and cons of curated news.

What We Covered
2:00 - In the US, over 40 percent of people use Facebook to get their news. 10 Facts about Americans and Facebook
3:00 - Brian and Malinda define curation and discovery.
5:00 - Filtered News - Example of New York Times personalized news feed on their app. The NYT adds a personalized 'news feed' to its ios app.
9:00 - Brian and Malinda make the case that newspapers are more for discovery while Facebook is more for curated content.
12:00 - World Wide Web Foundation - The Invisible Curation of Content
33:00 - Brian and Malinda come to the conclusion that hashtags are more discovery friendly than algorithms.
37:00 - Brian and Malinda discuss how algorithms play a role in what we listen to.

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