The Amazon Effect: Love to Hate It, or Hate to Love It?

How big is Amazon really? Does the definition of a traditional monopoly apply to companies like Amazon? This week’s episode dives into Amazon’s presence in a broad range of markets and how it could affect you, the consumer. Tune in as Brian and Malinda discuss everything from antitrust to customer journey.
Summary: Will Amazon’s smart doorbell replace your local neighborhood watch? How is Amazon fighting the stigma of the Amazon effect? Brian and Malinda discuss how Amazon is eating Google’s lunch by ramping up its ad business, how AI bias could affect Amazon’s AI services, and how Amazon is used for search. While Malinda examines the implications of one company controlling your entire customer journey, Brian weighs the pros and cons of insourcing vs outsourcing cloud services. Tune in for an episode that will make you rethink everything you know about what it means to be a monopoly.

What We Covered:
3:00 – Current and upcoming areas Amazon is operating in:
5:00 - Amazon purchases IMDB months before expanding its platform to movies.
6:00 – Amazon purchases PillPack in an attempt to move into the medical space.
7:00 – What is a traditional monopoly? Does this apply to today’s marketplace?
8:00The “Amazon Effect” – Amazon’s effect on customer purchase decisions.
10:00 – What is Antitrust? Looking at more than just how much of the market a company owns.
12:00 - Companies involved in every step of a buyer's journey can optimize the customer experience.
16:00 - Insourcing vs outsourcing cloud services. How Amazon is capitalizing on AWS’s convenience.
18:00 - Welcome To The Age Of Assets: Brokers vs. Owners Podcast - Ride sharing and gig economy.
22:00 - Amazon’s increased presence in the ad space.
27:00 - Microsoft’s antitrust battle and the death of Netscape.
28:00 - Amazon’s Alexa optimization team listening to your inputs.
30:00 - Could Amazon’s Ring replace the neighborhood watch?
33:00 - What are the safeguards in place for companies that control such a broad amount of data?
36:00 - Amazon’s facial recognition system helping police find suspects and how AI bias complicates this.
40:00 - As data monetization replaces free data, Amazon will be in control of the market.
42:00 - Jeff Bezos knows Amazon is not too big to fail.
43:00 - Is self regulation the answer?

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