Welcome to the Age of Assets: Brokers vs. Owners

The days of “solving for access” are gone. Whether it’s a TV show, a vacation rental, or a vehicle, companies must always be improving upon their assets. Once thought to be disruptor brands, Airbnb and Netflix are feeling the heat from more traditional brands like Marriott and Disney that are considered steadfast and trustworthy. How are these proven dependable brands revamping what they have to offer the consumer? Tune in to find out.
Summary: Is the gig economy on its way out? Will Airbnb suffer from Marriott’s latest play? To stay competitive, how are traditional companies repositioning their value in the marketplace? In this week’s episode, Brian and Malinda consider what it means to be a broker versus an owner. Drawing comparisons between companies like Airbnb and Marriott, Tesla and Uber, and Disney and Netflix, your hosts look at who is offering more value to the consumer. Tune in to learn how companies that once solved for access, are now competing with companies that are creating unique assets of their own.

What We Covered:
1:00 - What is the gig economy?
2:00 - Some “broker” companies to check out: Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, Amazon
4:00 - What are brokers and aggregators?
5:00 - Airbnb vs Marriott
6:00 - What is homesharing?
6:00 - Marriott moving into the homesharing space.
8:00 - Airbnb just acquired some similar companies. Check them out: Gaest.com and HotelTonight
9:00 - Travel aggregators like Expedia and TripAdvisors are not surfacing the best deals.
9:00 - Hotel Impossible - Understanding pricing and the hotel market.
11:00 - Airbnb and Marriott revenues and profits.
16:00 - Will regulations hurt Airbnb and Marriott?
17:00 - Tesla vs Uber
19:00 - Highest employment rate in the last 50 years - How is this affecting Uber’s churn rate?
22:00 - Lyft’s IPO in March 2019
23:00 - Can Uber Eats and Uber Freight get Uber out of the red?
25:00 - Elon Musk (Tesla) - Creating an appreciating asset not a depreciating asset.
26:00 - What is the sharing economy?
34:00 - Netflix vs Disney
35:00 - Disney’s streaming service: Disney+.
37:00 - The E-Commerce Equation Podcast - A look at Walmart and Amazon.
38:00 - Netflix is estimated to spend $15B in original content.
42:00 - Curation vs Discovery Podcast - How can companies service customers using data?

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