The Business of Gaming

Why are big data centers crucial to the gaming industry? What pushed AI, ML, and the GPU to the next level? Gamers - Thank you! Brian and Malinda explore the gaming industry and bring up the challenges game developers face in this market. Who will be the Netflix of gaming?

Summary: Who will be the Netflix of gaming? How do you make a gaming platform stickier? How do you keep users engaged and entertained? Brian and Malinda discuss changes in the gaming industry, what new platforms are coming to market, and how these competitors may disrupt the gaming industry. Brian breaks down some need-to-know acronyms and helps listeners wrap their heads around the business of gaming. An episode that is sure to make both dataphobes and dataphiles question where is gaming going next.

What We Covered:
1:00 - Shopify and Mailchimp Podcast 
1:00 - Gaming platform streaming services - Sony, Nintendo, Atari
2:00 - PAX and Uprise Partners - helping businesses launch, brand, and market new games
5:00 - Apple IOS - Developer - Game Center
13:00 - Google Stadia - Cloud Gaming Service
15:00 - PAX - Everyone is building games but they don’t know how to bring their games to market
16:00 - Content Curation Podcast
17:00 - Twitch - Live Game Play
21:00 - What is Snap’s platform going to look like?
24:00 - The Networking Effect Podcast
25:00 - EA (Electronic Arts) - Why is building a platform to capture the developer important?
27:00 - XCloud - Microsoft
30:00 - Is WalMart coming into the gaming industry? The difference between streaming video and gaming.
32:00 - What is a codec? Encryption and decryption algorithms
38:00- BitCoin
39:00 - What is TPU (Tensor Processing Unit)?
40:00 - What is a teraflop?
42:00 - Nvidia - What will happen next?

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