All Things CES 2019

What are the big new tech trends kicking off 2019? Will Brian and Malinda quit their jobs and become professional ESports gamers? Breaking down the good, the bad, and the scantily clad at CES 2019. Brian and Malinda recap the brands and trends that left lasting impressions, including the companion tech that rocked the boat.
Summary: Missed out on your chance to make to one of the biggest tech events of the year? Emerging from the experience of CES 2019, Brian and Malinda discuss cool tech, the AI “noise floor” debate, the lack of Alexa and where voice appears to be going for 2019. In a conference where the theme is “more” with IoT devices and 5G, why were some products left out? Subscribe and listen as Brian and Malinda discuss all things CES 2019.

What We Covered:
1:00 - A little about Brian and Malinda.
3:00 - Highlights of CES 2019 and Tech Trends: TV Tech, flexible phones, automation, drones, and IoT.
5:00 - Snowcookie - Technology to track your ski runs.
9:00 - Pet tech at CES 2019
10:00 - Techstars pitch competition CES 2019 (Clip in I'd Like a PhD With a Side of AI Podcast)
18:00 - People aren’t ready for fully autonomous technology - AC vs DC power example.
20:00 - Companion tech at CES 2019
23:00 - When will companies begin monetizing our emotions.
34:00 - ESports at CES 2019
40:00 - The good and bad of personalized remarketing and how regulation will shape it.
44:00 - Curation vs Discovery - Can you discover anything new when remarketing is so focused on your past behavior?
Updated Intro and remastered on 2/24/2019

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